Kinsey Labrador Retrievers is a small kennel that is located in the shadows of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. I have been actively showing and breeding English style Labrador Retrievers since 1982.

By breeding for soundness and temperament I strive to produce Labs that will become an integral part of the families who purchase my puppies. To assure this, all puppies are born and raised in my house where I am able to watch their development closely. This enables me to more closely match puppy personalities to those of the new owners.

As I primarily breed for myself, puppy buyers can be confident that a lot of thought has been put into the breeding of the litter. All of my dogs have their hips, elbows and eyes cleared from hereditable diseases and I thoroughly research pedigrees so that the breeding will produce what I want and expect.

Because I care so deeply for the Labrador breed, and my puppies in particular, all puppies are sold on Limited Registrations and I require that they be kept in the house and raised as a part of the family.

On this note, I would like to share my thoughts on co-ownerships. Very rarely in a litter are there more than one or two puppies that possess all the correct "pieces" and are worthy of breeding in the future. Most of the times these correct "pieces" are only noticeable to the practiced eye of a breeder - new puppy owners cannot see these differences even when they are pointed out! The majority of breeders are committed to the Labrador, strive to preserve the breed and improve upon what is already in their breeding program. When a breeder does see a puppy with breeding merit we may agree to co-own one of these puppies for perhaps a puppy or two back in the future. Our intent is to feed that line back into the breeding program. Most times these puppies are placed with people whom we trust to do the proper research it takes to make a successful breeding. Some breeders, however, will want a contract for multiple puppies from multiple litters as part of a co-ownership agreement. I caution you to always ask "Why" and take a hard look at where your puppies will be going. It could be to a loving home or it could be a puppy mill. Would you really want a puppy that you lovingly raised to end up in a puppy mill? I believe it is not only your right but your obligation, as a Labrador lover, to ask what the plan is for these future puppies that you are giving back to a breeder as "payment" for the co-ownership. Remember, you will no longer have any control over the puppies' destiny and some may end up in deplorable situations.

Please don't do this to our breed!

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